Australian advanced materials company, Archer, and University of South New Wales announced its Collaboration Agreement and Research Service Agreement.

The partnership is geared towards developing and implementing Archer’s graphite and graphene materials for use in energy storage applications, directing at lithium-ion batteries and possibly producing technologies and patents that have commercial applications in reliable energy.

The new research is aligned with the company’s vision of developing and combining advanced materials that are focusing in the area of reliable energy for society’s improvement.

“Archer now enjoys a unique relationship with UNSW and facilities within the University including those in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre. This Centre, unique in its diversity in Australia, comprises AUD$100 million of state-of-the-art characterization equipment, managed by over 80 instrument scientists ready to engage and drive research projects within Archer” commented Archer Exploration CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair.

“The Centre has a broad range of capabilities that fulfill our aims to participate in the integration of advanced materials in battery technologies that will provide future opportunities and new markets to underpin the development of Archer’s substantial graphite resources.”

The graphite and graphene-based materials developed would be tailored electronically, chemically and structurally for mobile and stationary device applications with specific performance requirements

This collaboration of an advanced materials company and a top-ranking engineering and technology university has the primary focus of a rational design of high-performance electrodes for lithium-ion batteries using graphite and graphene sourced from Archer’s Campoona deposit.

This work is expected to result in the development of electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and the implementation of these electrodes in a number of advanced application full-cell and half-cell configurations.

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