LTO batteries

Lithium Titanate (LTO) Batteries

Ethical, Powerful and Effective Energy Solutions That Propel Operations and Lives

Efficient, Clean and Dynamic- these three terms define an ideal source of energy. Scientists put in extensive research and efforts to find an energy source that embodies these features but also performs flawlessly across multiple industries. Here, industries refer to those that have high energy requirements. Their efforts gave birth to what we now know as Lithium Titanate Batteries.
LTO batteries are the most advanced addition to the energy storage systems arsenal. These batteries effectively meet the ever increasing demand, high performance requirements and environmental concerns. They combine technological edge with economic and environmental responsibility. The end result- A powerful source of energy that drives innovation and progress without the adverse impact on the environment. Compared to the other clean energy sources that are not economically viable and hence find restricted usage, these batteries are a workable alternative to them.

Electrochemical Aspects

What sets them apart from the conventional energy sources is the use of lithium-titanate nanocrystals in the anode instead of carbon. These nanocrystals increase the effective surface area significantly, making the charging process much faster as electrons can easily enter and exit the anode.

Why go LTO?

If your business has high energy requirements and you are not sure if Lithium-Titanate batteries are the right choice for your business, listed below are a few reasons for you to choose LTO:

( 1)Super Fast Charge
(a) 80% in 6 minutes
(b)100% in 15 minutes
Seamless Discharge
25,000 cycle life – 4 x standard Lithium battery
Highest performance per watt
Consistent peak power delivery
High efficiency
Widest temperature operation
Highest endurance

Application of LTO Batteries

The LTO batteries find extensive use in

Energy storage systems

Electricity grids

Electric grid ancillary services

Hybrid car manufacturers

Hydrogen hybrid vehicles

Electric buses


Electric trains


Mobile medical devices




Latest Developments

Positive has been at the helm of delivering the best in exceptional energy storage systems that are coherent, cost-effective and versatile. In our latest endeavor to bring to our clients the most advanced energy solutions, we will be collaborating with YLE, a leading name among the manufacturers of LTO batteries. This nexus between Positive and YLE will help introduce the most reliable energy solutions that are market-friendly, effectively-priced and high on performance.

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