Stand Alone PowerBoxes

Our fully self-contained stand alone powerboxes are simple and fast to install, moveable, have flexible production & storage options and  feature remote monitoring. Our expanding range is designed to accommodate all requirements including: remote communities, mining, commercial, industrial, agriculture, aquaculture, pumping stations, water purification, silent generation, night works, events and noise sensitive areas where a reliable power supply is required.

At present we have three genres of PowerBoxes, ranging from light fixed setups, to portable silent generators, to fully self contained sea container variants with inbuilt diesel generation for back up. Every PowerBox is carefully considered for suitability for its purpose, so please speak to us today about how we can help over come your power generation needs.

A Class PowerBox

A rapidly deployable small  load power station. Customised to suit your purpose.

B Class PowerBox


Ultra-fast recharge, rapidly deployable silent generator.


C Class PowerBox

Containerisied off-grid power solution for remote applications

A Class PowerBox

The A-class PowerBox was born from
demand from our commercial client who
wanted to have reliable and substainable
remote power to run relatively light loads,
without the constant maintenance.

B Class PowerBox

The B-class PowerBox is an ultra-fast rechargeable

portable generator which can be trailer, ute or light t

ruck mounted. Designed for on-site emergency

power where rapid deployment is critical. Can also

be used for events, building sites and other noise

sensitive areas or where diesel particulates is of concern.

C Class PowerBox

The C-class PowerBox is a fully self-contained

stand-alone power station that comprises all the

components of an off-grid solar system. All the

components are housed in a 20-foot shipping

container with backup diesel-generation and a

solar array that can be container or ground mounted.

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