Off-Grid Power System

Proven quality & reliability

The power system is an Off-Grid kit, incorporating Victron Energy Inverters & MPPT’s, with Pylon Technologies Battery’s, in an IP54 rated cabinet.

We have rigorously tested Victron & Pylontech in field and in factory, providing premium power and longevity, making them the perfect choice for our Off-Grid systems.

Off-Grid Power System

Key Specifications

  • 3.5kWh-57.6kWh Battery Storage
  • Solar Panel Array from 6.6kW+ to Suit Application.
  • 5kVA-30kVA Inverter
  • Advanced Load System Analytic
  • Silent Power

  • Climate Controlled

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Remote Metering

  • Reduced Emissions

  • Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN

  • 10 Year Warranty & 25 Year Limited Power Warranty

  • Auto Start Backup Generator (optional)

  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Remote Monitoring

Best in Class Quality

Our company specialises in producing top-of-the-line solar power systems, delivering high quality and reliable energy solutions to customers all across Western Australia.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and sustainable energy solutions, and our team of experts is available to offer exceptional service and support every step of the way.

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Winter Effective Solar Hours Across Australia:

  1. MPPT power measured by Max Solar Input/Max charge capability