Utility Grade Power System

Utility Grade Stand-Alone Power System

Rapidly deployable high power Stand-Alone Power System. Single Phase, Split or Three Phase power with an optional diesel backup generator.

Power system designed to withstand commercial loads, highly scalable and integrated with an adaptable remote monitoring system.

The Stand-Alone Power System has been created for use on mine sites, telecommunications, disaster response, agricultural intelligence, geo camps and much more.


  • Manual Changeover Switches

  • Ground Fault & Earth Detection

  • UPS for Communications

  • Expandable to 90kVa Power Inverters

  • Expandable up to 200kWh Battery Capacity

  • Solar Array size to suit application (up to 90kW)

  • Auto Start Backup Generator Ready

  • 5 or 10 year Battery Warranty

  • 10 Year Solar Warranty

  • 5 or 10 Year Warranty on Power Equipment

  • 3G/4G Router

  • SCADA Integration

  • Humidity and Air flow control

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Advanced Load System Analytics

  • WiFi & LoRaWAN


  • Climate Control Pack

  • Communications Pack

  • Mil-Spec Cable & Connections 

  • Single, Split or Three Phase
  • Reflective Safety Stripes

  • Reflective Warning Triangles

  • Night Lights 

  • Optional Backup Generator

  • ID Signage

  • Isolators 

  • Fire Suppression System 

  • Fire Extinguisher





Remote locations


Remote Offices

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