Off-Grid Solar For Homes

Solar panel installer of Positive Off-Grid Solutions team

No More Energy Bills

Do something powerful for your own security and independence by eliminating your dependency on the main energy grid.

We believe that access to reliable, renewable energy should be a basic right, not a luxury. As the cost of battery storage continues to fall and the demand for environmental sustainability grows, the call for off-grid power continues to flourish. Positive Off-Grid Solutions is committed to our key deliverables of ensuring power is accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

Whatever your energy requirements, we can help you stay off-grid with a range of premium all-in-one systems using the latest battery technology, which store your excess solar power generated during the day for use when the sun is not shining.

While solar panels generate most of their energy in the middle of the day, we consume most of our power in the morning when we’re getting ready for work and at the end of the day when we get home. Our systems ensure you aren’t wasting valuable generated energy while the sun is up, storing it in your home battery for later use, reducing your need for grid-supplied electricity in peak periods. Not only that, keep your lights on in a power outage while your solar system also shields you from the rising cost of electricity and grid maintenance issues!

From installation to maintenance, monitoring and upgrades, we have a service for you.

Ways To Enjoy Solar

There is an abundance of energy from the sun. Home planning can do a lot to ‘power’ a home but we live in ways that do not maximise this provision by nature. The systems offered by Positive Off-Grid Solutions are seen as part of how a household can choose to return more to the earth than it takes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Fixed-rate green loans make solar instantly available.
  • Talking to qualified experts makes the process easy.
  • Living off-grid is easier than you thought.
  • System design, specific to your particular site and situation is critical.
  • a 3kW system off-grid system can be suitable for a 2 person / 3-bedroom house.
  • a 6kW off-grid system will run your 4-bedroom house beautifully, with the right set-up.
  • Setting up your house using the advice of an off-grid designer will save you even more.
  • Systems can be installed in 2 weeks.
  • Off-grid power will often cost you less than installing power poles to grid-connect.
  • You will never receive a power bill again!
  • Sustainable living feels great!

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