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Small Off grid solar power system

A Class Powerbox

Small scale Stand-Alone Power System for agricultural and telecommunications applications.

– 1 to 2kW load – 270 to 415W Solar – 1 to 2 kWh Battery –

Container modular solar power system

C Class Powerbox

Commercial grade Stand-Alone Power System to handle large power loads, perfect for homes and commercial use.

– 15 to 90kVA load – 5 to 90kW Solar – 30 to 180 kWh Battery –

Solar Lighting Tower Stand Alone Power System

L Class Powerbox

Solar Lighting tower on either a skid or trailer base with optional battery and solar array size.

– 90,000 to 120,000 Lumens – 12 to 16 Hour run time – 

Trailer Mounted Solar power System

M Class Powerbox

Heavy duty Stand-Alone Power System on a trailer base, designed to handle the harshest conditions.

– 3kVA load – Up to 30kWh Battery Storage – 3kW Solar –

Skid mounted stand alone power system

S Class Powerbox

Heavy duty Stand-Alone Power System on a skid base, designed to handle the harshest conditions.

– 3kVA load – Up to 30kWh Battery Storage – 6kW Solar –

Solar Street Lighting

Solar power lighting for roads, parks, carparks, residential and commercial property’s, tailored to your application.

– 2000 to  12000 lumens – Up to 7 day run time –

stand alone power system in utility grade cabinet

U Class Powerbox

Utility grade Stand-Alone Power System manufactured to handle extremely large loads.

–Up to 90kVA load – Up to 200kWh Battery Storage – Up to 90kW Solar –

Soluna solar power battery system


Small to medium scale all-in-one Off-Grid Kit, perfect for small to medium sized homes.

– 3.6 to 5kW load – 4 to 12 kWh Battery Storage – 3.3 or 6.6kW Solar –

Redback technologies Solar power Hybrid Battery Systems

Redback Technologies

Perfect system for small, medium and large homes, offering a highly scalable solar power system.

– 5 to 10kVA load – Up to 28kWh Battery Storage – Up to 15kW Solar –

Residential Solar Victron Solution

Custom System

Customisable system designed by our in house engineers to suit your specific requirements.

– load, battery and solar are all changeable –

Best in Class Quality

At Positive Off-Grid Solutions  we manufacture the highest quality product by delivering fully integrated, pretested, modular Stand-Alone Power Systems.
Every step of Positive Off-Grid Solutions process is designed to shorten project schedules, minimise onsite labour requirements, and deliver the highest quality product available.

Plug it in......

In a world where every ton of CO2 matters, we accelerate your renewable energy transition using our fully integrated, fully tested modular power solutions.

  • Fast installation

  • Always in time delivery

  • Fully pre-tested

  • Highest quality

  • Long lasting

  • Proven reliability

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  1. MPPT power measured by Max Solar Input/Max charge capability