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Discover the perfect Solar Lighting Tower for you.

Our Stand-Alone Power Systems have been borne out of the necessity to provide remote power without the reliance on diesel or other fossil fuels which cause unnecessary noise, pollution, and ongoing expense. Our case studies have shown massive savings against traditional remote power sources.

A Class Powerbox

An easily installed off-grid remote power system for small loads, such as remote gates, security, internet repeaters, irrigation controllers, pond/dam aerators and dosage pumps. Clients are finding new uses for them everyday.

B Class Powerbox

Pre built and tested, a solid source of power cheaper than a grid connection or diesel power sources. Perfect for residential, agriculture, mining, communications, irrigation, bore pumps, mining applications.

C Class Powerbox

This containerised rapidly deployable, long life and high-powered containerised energy storage solution is perfect for houses, small mine camps, remote offices, workshops, irrigation, pumping, cool rooms and fuel farms.

Off Grid Solar Lighting Tower

L Class Powerbox

Solar powered lighting tower on a skid or trailer base with availability to be hired. The L-Class also makes for a light-duty telecommunications tower for commercial applictions.

M Class Powerbox

Trailer mounted Stand-Alone Power System that span a vast variety of needs such as disaster response, agricultural intelligence, telecommunications, defence, geo camps and much more

S Class Powerbox

Rapidly deployable skid mounted Stand-Alone Power System with telecommunications options. Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions while delivering top results.

U Class Powerbox

Utility grade Powerbox engineered for high power loads and large battery storage. Performance and Innovation that will surprise you.

Off Grid Residential Solution. Victron equipment for solar installation

Residential Solar Power

We offer a range of residential high quality grid connect and off-grid solar kits, including Soluna, Redback Technologies, Sonnen and much more.

We work Australia wide

At Positive Off-Grid Solutions, we understand that access to reliable power is crucial for a comfortable and productive lifestyle, especially in remote areas of Australia where the grid is not always accessible. That’s why we offer Stand-Alone Power Systems that can provide you with the power you need to become more self-sufficient, no matter where you are in the country. 

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Stand-Alone Power Systems

At Positive Off-Grid Solutions we believe that solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available. From this belief we identified a great need for portable, containerised power systems for use in some of the harshest and most remote locations in Australia and around the world.
Our PowerBox range was born. We had a desire to provide a rapidly deployable, containerised, renewable and sustainable stand-alone power solution for remote locations without mains grid connection or for those reliant on expensive diesel-fuelled power generation while ensuring reliability and that maximum financial payback is multiplied for the long-term.
At present we have three classes of Stand-Alone Power System, ranging from light fixed setups to fully self-contained sea container variants with inbuilt diesel generation for back up. Every PowerBox is carefully considered for suitability for its purpose, we can assess your needs to determine the most appropriate option for you.

We believe in a world powered by sustainable renewable energy.

We are committed to developing real solutions to achieve it.

Remote Communities

Non-toxic, low cost energy production for future generations


Significantly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions with green energy


Reliable and sustainable remote power for all your agricultural needs large or small

Food Preservation

45% of fresh food in third world countries go to waste due to inadequate refrigeration

Water Improvement

844M people live without access to safe water – convert salty or brackish water into clean, drinking water.

Emergency and Community Events

Rapidly deployable and ultra-fast charging mobile power solution with no toxic emissions

We're a skilled team dedicated to helping others achieve energy independence and off-grid living. Expertise in energy solutions.

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  1. MPPT power measured by Max Solar Input/Max charge capability