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Awareness iconAwareness is the practice of imposing meaning of some form into presence.

Awareness begins to take the present moment and place it into some structure that makes sense of it. Awareness can be the connection between sensory input and feeling, feeling and thought, sensory input and intuition. As a company we are aware that our actions have impact.  Impact on our staff, our clients, our stakeholders, our suppliers and the environment. We believe that by carrying out all interactions with openness, honesty and sincerity, we provide a positive experience for all that we come in contact with.
When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we do the best we can, even in the face of adversity and take into account how these decisions will affect those involved, it’s not always about us. We are not afraid of authenticity or the consequences of our actions. We maintain an open mind and accept that we are not infallible and neither are the people we work with.

cooperation iconThrough collaboration we multiply our contribution.

Together, we are stronger and can contribute more. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus. Trust and care are important for collaboration. Without trust, we waste time waiting and chasing one another. Without personal care, one person may gain but at a cost to others, leading to a net loss of contribution.

Innovation iconIn a time of unprecedented change, staying relevant is important to guarantee the long-term success.

We are creative and entrepreneurial and constantly seek to improve in everything we do. Our innovative spirit is part of who we are and a key method to achieve our goals. Through innovation we embody the principles of sustainability effectiveness, not only as a company, but in the personal commitment of each and every team member.  Sustainability is what we do, it is who we are.  Innovation can be large or small from the design of our PowerBox systems to remove the reliance on diesel powered energy generation to the design of our tearoom to include recycling stations to the research that is carried out to source likeminded suppliers that embody the principle of minimal waste.   It is through true innovation that we can strive to make a difference.

Flexibility iconThe industry and world we live in is constantly changing.

Flexibility allows us to adapt and change with the times to provide our clients with the latest and advanced technology to suit their requirements.
Flexibility also embodies our workplace in our day to day interactions, with ourselves, fellow employees and clients.
In the workplace, a flexible attitude allows for respectful humour, cultural exchanges, and allows us to take the time to understand the issue of priorities. With ourselves, flexibility encourages the fundamental philosophy of personal responsibility.
An attitude of flexibility towards others allows for empathy to shine. To put yourself in another’s shoes allows you to understand the demands of everyone else’s roles and their personal and company needs and wants.

Fairness iconFairness in the workplace is respecting the rights and needs of all those who work with us.

Understanding the needs of others allows us to find fair and equitable ways to build relationships within our team, stakeholders and customers.  It requires treating people equitably based on their merits and abilities and handling all essentially similar situations similarly and with consistency.  We can make all decisions based on appropriate criteria without favouritism or prejudice.
We believe that business can flourish where human rights are respected, advanced and upheld helping to form the foundations for a healthy, sustainable and equitable business.

Our Vision


To enable customers to reduce dependency on main energy grids and make access to reliable and renewable energy a basic right, for everyone.

Our Mission


To become the premier global supplier of rapidly-deployable modular power stations.

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Positive Off-Grid Solutions Pty Ltd (POGS) is a Bunbury-based enterprise that specialises in renewable energy technology. About us – We offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to empower our customers to reduce their reliance on grid-based energy, participate in the lucrative and rapidly evolving energy market, and access sustainable power solutions in remote areas.

Our team comprises of dedicated and highly skilled professionals who share a deep-rooted passion for off-grid living. We founded POGS based on our own off-grid experiences and insights, with a want to support others on their journey towards energy self-sufficiency, storage, and ultimately, independence.

Driven by a goal to power the world with sustainable and renewable energy, POGS has invested substantial resources into researching, developing and sourcing innovative products and services. Our aim is to empower consumers and businesses with greater grid-independence, while enabling governments and other organisations to provide safe, stable power supplies to areas that need it most. To sum it all up, “About Us: It’s watt you need!!

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