Pole Mount Solar Power System

Small Load Power – Where You Need It.

This compact, Pole Mount Solar Power System provides a dependable and eco-friendly power source for light duty applications up to 1kW. Freed from the recurrent upkeep and refuelling needs of traditional fuel-based systems, it redefines the concept of power supply for small loads.

Key Applications

pole mount solar power system


Irrigation / Valve Control
Gate and Electric Fence Power
Pumps and Aquaculture Aeration



CCTV & Surveillance
Repeater Stations
Remote Communications

Key Specifications

  • Fast Installation

  • Low Maintenance

  • Silent Power

  • Zero Emissions

  • 1kW Inverter

  • 270W-415W Solar Panel

  • 1.44kWh Battery Storage

  • Plug and Play


Our client was running a 6kVA diesel generator to power a dosage pump which was consuming $800 per month in diesel.


Install a Pole Mount Solar Power System


In less than 6 months the client has recouped the capital expenditure cost of the A-Class Powerbox. They are now able to avail themselves of an annual savings to their operational costs of approx. $9,600 (plus savings in servicing and maintenance costs).
agriculture off-grid
A Class Img

Best in Class Quality

Our company specialises in producing top-of-the-line solar power systems, delivering high quality and reliable energy solutions to customers all across Western Australia.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and sustainable energy solutions, and our team of experts is available to offer exceptional service and support every step of the way.

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