About Us

Positive Off-Grid Solutions team

Where & How It Began

Growing up in the suburbs of Perth surrounded by electronics and gadgets, I was right there at a very young age lending a hand to my nextdoor neighbour (the Apprentice Master at Telecom) who asked me to help him monitor his first solar panel array, which was the first solar system in our suburb.

Over the years, my curiosity developed in Mechanics and Engineering, completing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and then a Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanical Apprenticeship with Atlas Copco.

After a successful career in Mining as a Product Specialist, I moved on to real estate investing and development, eventually moving to South West WA. Sparked by a series of personal blows, I had to reassess how my family and I lived in all areas of life – food and drink, housing, energy, social groups, connections, community and more.

I realised my talents would be best applied to energy and how to create systems that actually contributed back to the earth rather than always taking. From lectures and presentations at the Australian Permaculture Research Institute, I have immersed myself in the education of thermal mass properties, water technologies, harvesting management, permaculture-based living, building sustainable homes and more.

Committing to building a zero energy home for my family led to relocating onto a large bush property and building an off-grid lifestyle based on permaculture and energy from the sun. Positive Off-Grid Solutions was born from a blend of all of these experiences to become a renewable energy company based upon the principles of permaculture and innovative engineering.

Since 2016 our talented team and I have been building technology solutions and relationships that ensure we meet the original vision.

Fundamentally motivated by how best to serve the planet in ways that are accessible for families, our Plug’n’Play products are simple, rapidly installed solar solutions to create a more fluid experience for those moving to the off-grid life and I’d love to talk with you about it in person sometime soon!

Andrew Fleming - Positive Off-Grid Residential Solutions


Our Values

Having made the powerful shift and repeating the large-scale benefits to off-grid living, we are committed to serving the people and the planet. Solar energy liberates us all.


As a company, we are aware that our actions have an impact - on our staff, our clients, stakeholders, suppliers and the environment. With openness, honesty and sincerity, we provide a positive experience for all who we come in contact with, not afraid of authenticity or the consequences of our actions.


Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus, and this requires trust and care. Without trust, we waste time waiting and chasing one another. Without personal care, one person may gain but at a cost to others. Through collaboration, we are stronger and multiply our contribution.


We are a creative and entrepreneurial group, constantly seeking to improve in everything we do. Our innovative spirit is part of who we are and a key method to achieving our goals, embodying the principles of sustainability, not only as a company but in the personal commitment of each and every team member.


Flexibility allows us to adapt and change with the times, providing the latest and most advanced technology to suit your requirements. In the workplace, a flexible attitude allows us to take the time to understand each other. Within, it encourages personal responsibility. Towards others, it allows for empathy to shine.