NBN Accelerates Renewable Commitment with 10-Year Solar Farm Deal

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NBN’s Latest Stride Towards 100% Renewable Energy

NBN Co, Australia’s national digital backbone, continues its dedicated journey towards 100 percent renewables by 2026. In a significant move, NBN has recently sealed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a new 120MW solar farm in south-east Queensland, signaling a pivotal step in their commitment to sustainability.

Munna Creek Solar Farm – A Collaboration with Mytilineos Energy

The latest PPA, unveiled on Friday, solidifies NBN’s partnership with Mytilineos Energy for the construction of the Munna Creek solar farm near Gympie. Under this agreement, NBN will secure over 20 percent of the solar farm’s output, contributing to the overall goal of sourcing all electricity from renewables by December 2025.

NBN’s Strategic Energy Transition

The Munna Creek project marks the third renewable PPA for NBN, aligning with its strategic energy transition plan. NBN Co CEO Stephen Rue emphasized the significance of incorporating renewable energy into their operations, stating, “As a significant consumer of electricity, we understand the importance of using new renewable energy sources to power the nbn network.”

Mytilineos and NBN’s Successful Collaboration

This isn’t the first collaboration between NBN and Mytilineos. The Munna Creek PPA follows a 10-year agreement for the West Wyalong solar farm in New South Wales’ Riverina region. The West Wyalong project, completed in July 2023, played a crucial role in bolstering NBN’s renewable energy portfolio.

Meeting Renewable Milestones – Macarthur Wind Farm PPA

In addition to solar projects, NBN has also diversified its renewable energy portfolio with a six-year PPA for approximately 10 percent of the output from the 420MW Macarthur wind farm, now owned by AGL Energy. This multi-faceted approach showcases NBN’s commitment to a sustainable and diverse energy future.

Munna Creek’s Impact on the Grid

Anticipated to commence power generation in July 2025, the Munna Creek solar farm will become a significant contributor to the grid. The project’s 59GWh annual output aligns seamlessly with NBN’s aggressive renewable targets, contributing to reduced emissions and operational costs.

NBN’s Vision for a Greener Future

As NBN Co embarks on this transformative journey, each PPA represents a vital piece in the puzzle of achieving 100 percent renewables. The Munna Creek solar farm, alongside previous and upcoming agreements, positions NBN at the forefront of sustainable infrastructure development, showcasing the power of collaboration in fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

[Reference to the original article: NBN inks 10-year contract with new solar farm in race to 100 pct renewables by 2026]


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