Solar Lighting Tower

Solar Lighting Trailer

Available in three models the LM-3 with 3 solar panels, the LM-4 with 4 solar panels and the LM-6 with 6 solar panels, our range has the ability to meet the customers needs

Our Lighting Towers systems are a rapidly deployable commercial grade light source for all applications.

Key Specifications

Number of panels (435Wp each)3446
Operating time (No sunlight)12 Hours16 Hours15 Hours16 Hours
Battery Storage14.4 kWh19.2 kWh24 kWh19.2 kWh
Charging Time (Solar only)5.5 Hours5.5 Hours6.5 Hours3.5 Hours

Solar Lighting Tower

The LS-Class is a rapidly deployable commercial grade lighting tower mounted on a skid base. As soon as it hits the ground it is ready to go.

We offer two models the LS-3 with 3 solar panels and the heavy duty LS-4 with4 solar panels, providing brighter lights with a larger battery system.

Key Specifications

Number of panels (455Wp each)34
Operating time (No sunlight)12 Hours16 Hours
Battery Storage14.4 kWh19.2 kWh
Charging Time (Solar only)5.5 Hours5.5 Hours

Light-Duty Telecommunications Tower

Our lighting towers can all be equiped with telecommunications making them a light-duty, versatile, rapidly deployable communications tower.

Built with the hardest conditions in mind and fitted with a system to match it, the L-Class is a perfect solution for your telecommunications needs.

Key Options

Fleet Management

  • GPS Monitoring

  • Battery SOC measurement

  • Comprehensive cloud based reporting

  • Remote shutdown activation

  • Smoke alarm

  • Door opening alarm

Mine Specification

  • ABE Dry Chemical Fire extinguisher and bracket
  • Wheel Chocks & Mounting bracket (Trailer)
  • Wheel Nut Indicators (Trailer)
  • High Visibility Flag & Safety Strips


  • Military Spec Cable & Connections
  • Broadcasting System
  • Secondary Spare Rim & Tyre (Trailer)
  • CCTV Camera
  • Specialised Toolboxes

Plug it in......

In a world where every ton of CO2 matters, we accelerate your renewable energy transition using our fully integrated, fully tested modular power solutions.

  • Fast installation

  • Always in time delivery

  • Fully pre-tested

  • Highest quality

  • Long lasting

  • Proven reliability

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Best in Class Quality

At Positive Off-Grid Solutions  we manufacture the highest quality product by delivering fully integrated, pretested, modular Stand-Alone Power Systems.
Every step of Positive Off-Grid Solutions process is designed to shorten project schedules, minimise onsite labour requirements, and deliver the highest quality product available.

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  1. MPPT power measured by Max Solar Input/Max charge capability